Some outputs from coursework in urban planning, GIS/mapping, design, etc. Warning: this page, like the site, is very much still a work in progress

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This is a collection of maps, papers, etc. produced throughout school and beyond. I started working in the government/maps section of my school's library in undergrad, and the librarian recruited me to help out with her projects. She taught me how to use ArcGIS--basic analysis, cartography--and even had me take some ESRI courses so I could learn more and be of more help. And that's how I got started with maps/GIS.

outlier analysis

outlier analysis
Example of an image creating during cluster/outlier analysis to identify outliers based on a place category.

hot spot analysis

thumbnail of getis ord gi* output
Example of using Getis Ord Gi* for finding places in space where they are over-represented and under-represented.

raster density

thumbnail of raster density map
Undergraduate project for a GIS course generated by pulling data from the CPD based on crime type.

Pilsen real estate/value map

Thumbnail of Pilsen map
Pilsen census block groups colored by median household income. The points show random buildings and the change in value from 2001 to 2008. Basic map where user infers/collects info.

JavaScript API maps

ESRI API map image
Several years ago I tried out the ESRI JavaScript map API. I paired this with GeoServer, loaded up my own layers, and created some maps. They are now defunct.

GWR/regression analysis

thumbnail of paper maps
While working as a consultant/contractor performing GIS analysis, I requested permission to use what I was working on as part of a graduate GIS class. For this project, I digitized scanned paper maps, analyzed the data, added Census data and other data, and performed a geographically weighted regression (GWR) analysis to attempt to create a model to explain gentrification. Although many other steps were performed, the main outputs were a report, a geodatabase, and maps. Census/analysis maps, GWR maps, presentation.

Blue Island Metra station distance

Blue Island, IL thumbnail images
A map of zoning in Blue Island and distance to Metra stations. A simple buffer was used to create two rings and then the resulting polygons were merged. Census base layer veresion

other maps

map with place clusters
I have created a lot of maps I do not have or remember, but some include a home sale price map


This is a collection of visuals created during my Master's program in urban planning and public policy. I focused on physical design (e.g., zoning, streetscaping, bike lanes) and did a lot of GIS and Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) work. My main interests were physical planning, obviously, GIS analysis, and geographies of people (e.g., queerspace).

3D/SketchUp images

3d birds eye view of a small, city neighborhood
One of my first planning grad program classes was a physical planning project. I decided to design a residential building with SketchUp, a plaza rendering, and I have also used ArcGIS 3D Analyst to create 3D maps.

streetscape renderings

puzzle piece
For coursework I did a lot of the images for our class presentations and planning docs given my extensive experience with Adobe products. For one plan for Blue Island, I rendered a renovation/restoration of an old movie theater and the creation of a mural. Full plan here

planning docs

puzzle piece
I worked on design/layout for planning documents, like this plan cover. Full plan here


classroom occupancy maps
For this plan for the UIC campus, I created the visuals on pages 20-28 that include bar/line graphs, classroom usage by time, and maps.

historic preservation

I took a class on historic preservation and created a final paper.

UDVL media

A brochure created for the UDVL at UIC advertising a new program.