About Me

Hello. There are many terms I would use to describe myself--tinker, polymath, "Jack of all trades", etc. As such, I have a wide array of skills, hobbies, and interests.

In addition to working, I do a lot of art, and I try to stay active, favoring fast-paced, varied things like circuits, boxing, and some running.


  • Agile product ownership and project management; user story creation and maintenance of stories, epics, tasks, etc., in JIRA
  • creating visualizations/presentations using Adobe CS products (and open-source alternatives), Visio, PowerPoint, D3.js, etc.
  • User guides and technical documentation using Word, (Confluence) wikis, SharePoint, etc.; recording instructional videos with Camtasia
  • Selenium WebDriver with Python for testing and web scraping,; JMeter for automated testing (reading, writing files), unix commands, REST, etc.
  • Python/*sh scripting for automating processes, data parsing and manipulation of delimited files, XML, json, and geospatial data
  • Adeptia ETL usage and authoring of custom Java plugins to integrate with ETL tool
  • 6 years working in Hadoop-based project including using Hadoop and HBase commands, navigating hdfs, running MapReduce programs, troubleshooting, authoring Hive SQL, custom Hive UDFs, and some Pig, using the Hadoop Streaming API with Python to create MapReduce programs, etc.
  • Database design, implementation, and SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and automated data insert/retrieval via sqlldr
  • Spring STS (Eclipse) usage for Java, AngularJS, code maintenance with SVN and Git
  • Basic Java including API definition, domain objects, basic services (e.g., manipulating data, file reading/writing, running SQL queries)
  • Windows and Unix (Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat), VirtualBox
  • ArcGIS 8-10, including python integration, Model Builder, and Toolboxes like Spatial Analyst, Spaial Stats, Geostatistical Analyst, 3D, Network, etc.
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • And then (obviously) HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal/Joomla (years ago, now)


  • learning and improving my skills in Python, AngularJS skills, learning the MEAN stack, etc.
  • Drawing, painting, digital drawings
  • Python scripts leveraging APIs like Spotify, CTA, LastFM
  • Analog and digital circuits using Arduino
  • Sculpture and polyester resin casting
  • Sewing (clothes and plush)